Sweet Melody Designs


1) Q: What parts of the prints can have color changes?

A: Any part of the print can have color changes, not just the background.

2) Q: Can I only choose colors from your color chart?

A: I’m not limited to the color chart, you can either choose a color from the chart, send me a photo or link to an image, or simply describe the color you are looking for and I can make a preview for you.

3) Q: Does it cost anything extra for color changes?

A: Nope, changing the colors on your prints is free.  That is a part of what makes Sweet Melody Designs unique, to match my art to your nursery.  And I will edit and make color changes to your prints as many times as it takes to perfectly match what you have in mind.  I can also add wording or change the orientation on most of my prints.

4) Q: Do you ever draw new custom art pieces for individuals?

 A: Yes, occasionally when I have the extra free time, I draw custom art pieces.  There is a fee for having your own art drawn, and you can message me for special requests.

5) Q: Do you sell digital files of your artwork?

 A: No, I’m sorry but I don’t sell digital files of my work.

6) Q: What size are prints do you offer?

A: The standard sizes I have available are 5x7 inches, 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches, and 13x19 inches.  However, if you have an odd size that would fit within one of these size prints, i can adjust the image for you to fit a custom size.