Sweet Melody Designs

It all started with an intense love of drawing...

My home is found in Michigan.  I live with my husband, Matt, and my two children, Melody and Shane.

Along with the experience of becoming a mother to two adorable children, comes the wish to want to surround them in a warm and loving environment.  And so like many mothers, I started with the wish to fill their nurseries with whimsical decor.  

A lot of my inspiration comes from thinking from the point of view of a mother.  When I think "If I wanted to create a fox themed nursery, what kind of art would I like to have in my child's room?" Which if you take a look at my shop you will see that I indeed have many fox art prints available because my son's room is decorated in a woodland fox theme.  I then branch out from there with the desire to create unique nursery art that will be the perfect addition to a mother's dream nursery.    

I wanted to create whimsical art for children so I created a shop full of my whimsical imaginings. I keep drawing every extra chance I get, perfecting my style, and expressing myself. 

To take it one step further, I wanted to be able to fully customize my art to be able to match any nursery.  All of my art is hand-drawn, but I digitally color my work so that it is easily customizable to match any color scheme.  

I truly love having the privilege of having my artwork hang in a child's room.  The interactions and conversations with the mothers of those children are so encouraging and rewarding, as we collaborate together in creating the perfect additions to their child's world.

The opportunity has also come up for me to work with fabric design, which I am absolutely loving.  Bringing my art to life on soft fabric really enables me to be more creative and flexible with what I can make.

I am living my dream.  


- Carrie Tomaschko, Owner & Artist of Sweet Melody Designs

Making beautiful art for little ones, to bring beauty and inspiration to a child’s little world and spark their imaginations.