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my inspiration...

Carrie TomaschkoComment

    There are quite a few things that inspire me, and motivate me to work better and draw more creatively.  My faith and trust in God, and seeing how much He's blessed this little business, inspires me to keep working at it.  My husband inspires me through his support and encouragement.  Our business wouldn't be where it is without our brainstorming sessions.  

     And then there's this little girl - my daughter, Melody.  I feel like overnight her creativity has taken off, and more often than not you can find her here, at our dining room table coloring or drawing.  Lately I've had a lot of fun working on sketches at the table next to her.  I love being able to hear her thoughts on what I'm drawing.  I inspire her, which in turn inspires me.  

     My son, Shane, also loves sharing his opinion.  Sometimes I'll ask him "What should mom draw next?"  And more often than not his answer is "A fox!"  My kids inspire me to draw creative art that will make them smile.  

     Another big part of my inspiration comes from the people I interact with through convos and emails that purchase my art.  I love to be a friend and hear about their story, and learn how I can help them create their little one's world.  They inspire my to keep creating things that are "nursery-worthy."  

     And just for fun, I'll throw in my go-to music inspiration.  The soundtrack to Chronicles of Narnia, and Plumb's albums - Blink and Need You Now, those are my top musical background noises that I prefer.  

    Thank you to all of my inspirations!