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"Wild & Free" Fabric Line Launched!

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Introducing my "Wild & Free" fabric collection!!!! I've put together whimsical designs, woodland flora and fauna, a little southwest, and adorable Noah's ark animals in sweet, soft colors! I'm so excited to be able to share this with all of you!!! A big thanks to the team at Shannon Fabrics for all you do!!!!

This fabric was launched at Fall Quilt Market in Houston!  I loved seeing the versatility of what my fabrics can be used for.  There were blankets, bibs, bedding, and clothing all laid out in beautiful displays at the Shannon Fabrics booth.  These fabrics will be available in December at a fabric retailer near you!  You can check out the Shannon Fabrics website for available retailers.  Once this fabric comes in, I'm hoping to have some fabric items available for you on the sweet melody website as well.  More swaddle blankets will definitely be coming!!!

I spent this past summer working on these "wild & free" designs, inspired by the nature around me, the summer sun and waves, and the childlike wonder of animals.  I hope my new fabrics will bring warmth to your heart and a smile to your face!

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Are You Dreaming of Decals?

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    Hello Friends!

   I'm so excited to share with you the new decals that will be coming soon to the shop!  These are sure to make a statement in your nursery and you'll be on your way to making your nursery beautiful for your little one.  

Come take a look at our growing wall decal selection and pick out your favorite! 


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