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Circus Dreams - the new collection of art prints

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Introducing the new collection of art prints from Sweet Melody Designs - Circus Dreams!  Be whisked away under the big top to see amazing feats performed by wild animals. 

With subtle shades of grey, mauve, and gold, these prints were created to inspire your child's imaginations and dreams.  Circus Dreams is the perfect addition to your child's room.  You can order the prints individually or as a set and they are available now in the shop.

Happy Dreams and Daydreams!

Carrie Tomaschko

Sweet Melody Designs

my inspiration...

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    There are quite a few things that inspire me, and motivate me to work better and draw more creatively.  My faith and trust in God, and seeing how much He's blessed this little business, inspires me to keep working at it.  My husband inspires me through his support and encouragement.  Our business wouldn't be where it is without our brainstorming sessions.  

     And then there's this little girl - my daughter, Melody.  I feel like overnight her creativity has taken off, and more often than not you can find her here, at our dining room table coloring or drawing.  Lately I've had a lot of fun working on sketches at the table next to her.  I love being able to hear her thoughts on what I'm drawing.  I inspire her, which in turn inspires me.  

     My son, Shane, also loves sharing his opinion.  Sometimes I'll ask him "What should mom draw next?"  And more often than not his answer is "A fox!"  My kids inspire me to draw creative art that will make them smile.  

     Another big part of my inspiration comes from the people I interact with through convos and emails that purchase my art.  I love to be a friend and hear about their story, and learn how I can help them create their little one's world.  They inspire my to keep creating things that are "nursery-worthy."  

     And just for fun, I'll throw in my go-to music inspiration.  The soundtrack to Chronicles of Narnia, and Plumb's albums - Blink and Need You Now, those are my top musical background noises that I prefer.  

    Thank you to all of my inspirations!

a few of my favorites...

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      I thought I'd share with you just a few of my favorites of pieces I have drawn.  It's impossible to pick an absolute favorite, but there have been plenty of moments when I have finished a sketch and say "this is my new favorite."

First up in the line-up is the adorable Princess Mischief.  If there were any of my characters that I've drawn that I wish could come to life and hang out in my office with me and help me work, it would be this little gal.  

These next couple I just absolutely adore, because this boy and this girl are both on an amazing adventure that any kid would love to go on, and they are inspirational to the imagination.  A smile automatically comes to my face whenever I look at them.  

And the last one I'll include, but certainly not the least, is my Elephant Moon Dream art.  This was one of the first drawings I had done when I was working on a new style for my shop.  I remember sketching this on the floor of our living room on a cold night in March about two years ago (2013).  I never would have guessed that this would become my number one seller, and play such a huge part in the success of this business.  It's just such a fun thought to me, to know that this sleepy little elephant is hanging in nurseries all over the world, bringing smiles to little ones.

this is where the magic happens...

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              Welcome to the home office of Sweet Melody Designs.  Allow me to take you on a tour!  I thought it would be fun for all of you to see a little behind the scenes and get to know the artist behind the art.

This past autumn my husband, Matt, and our friend, Ben, were hard at work constructing and finishing off this new shiny office.  The finished product was a cheerful and relaxing environment to create and work.  I added my own inspirational touches with some of my own art, a quote that I found that has become my motto, and a couple thoughtfully selected art pieces from other Etsy sellers.  Thanks to CinnamonInk and TheaterClouds for brightening up my days.

So most of my days are spent here, creating new art and customizing that art for little ones.  The wonderful thing about working from home, is that I can be close to my family.  And I am able to take breaks to play with my kids  or just say hello whenever I wish.  I have a daughter, Melody, who is 4 years old and a son, Shane, who is 2 and 1/2 years old.  

My husband, Matt, is a core part of the Sweet Melody team.  Not only does he take care of our kids while I work, but he handles ALL of the printing for orders and is in charge of our marketing and advertising.  

It still surprises me how much God has blessed this little business of ours, and I am excited to see what the future holds.  Thanks to all of you who love my art.  I really have so much fun drawing and love that I get to share my passion with you.