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a few of my favorites...

Carrie TomaschkoComment

      I thought I'd share with you just a few of my favorites of pieces I have drawn.  It's impossible to pick an absolute favorite, but there have been plenty of moments when I have finished a sketch and say "this is my new favorite."

First up in the line-up is the adorable Princess Mischief.  If there were any of my characters that I've drawn that I wish could come to life and hang out in my office with me and help me work, it would be this little gal.  

These next couple I just absolutely adore, because this boy and this girl are both on an amazing adventure that any kid would love to go on, and they are inspirational to the imagination.  A smile automatically comes to my face whenever I look at them.  

And the last one I'll include, but certainly not the least, is my Elephant Moon Dream art.  This was one of the first drawings I had done when I was working on a new style for my shop.  I remember sketching this on the floor of our living room on a cold night in March about two years ago (2013).  I never would have guessed that this would become my number one seller, and play such a huge part in the success of this business.  It's just such a fun thought to me, to know that this sleepy little elephant is hanging in nurseries all over the world, bringing smiles to little ones.